Asma Syed


Irving, TX

I loved working with Noelle. She was very communicative with me, and I could pick out the exact photographer I wanted. I was very well pleased with the photographer and the time she took to attend my brides wedding to get the henna pictures for my portfolio. Not to forget the cute pom pom earrings she makes, I saw her wearing them and they we're really cute!! I would definitely recommend Noelle to a relative or friend.

Hannah Stephens


Dallas, TX

Noelle is a absolute JOY to work with. Every time we shoot together gets better and better. She has the best personality and a wonderful eye for what she does. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone, particularly those working in fashion (bloggers, boutiques, shops, etc). She is truly talented and I am very thankful to have met her and to be able to include her work on my site!

Cailyn Dickerson


Dallas, TX

"Recently met Noelle through a friend and we are both photographers and we exchanged photoshoots. Noelle is so much fun to work with and constantly makes me laugh! She’s an awesome photographer with a great eye! Highly recommended her."

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